Outdoor Signs

Directional and Way Finding

Directional and Wayfinding signs can be indoor or outdoor. Commonly they used for office building directory system. They can be ADA, Braille, laser engraved, painted, and include custom logos. Outdoor direction signs can be used for banks, municipal, communities, apartments, condominiums and schools and include frame or posts, have an arrow or used for the entrance to a complex or stadium.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs direct traffic flow, guiding customers and vendors to the proper locations.  Commonly used for customer parking, handicapped signs, stop signs, entrance signs, speed limit signs and no parking signs. They are supplied in a wide variety of shapes & sizes. These signs can have reflective lettering and be mounted on u-channel posts or installed on a building or fence. We can supply the safety sign, hardware and posts to suit your needs!

Monument Signs

Monument signs accent the architectural features of your building. Some monument signs are fabricated using a HDU sign foam supported by an internal aluminum or steel construction with a hard shell latex exterior. The uniframe construction adds stability & durability while the hard-shell exterior seals out the elements. They can include faux brick, stone or foam props. The sign faces can be sandblasted, carved, dimensional, wood, painted, vintage, historical, metal or ceramic. Monuments are available in many different sizes, styles and colors.

Illuminated Signs

Bright, outdoor illuminated Signs can be on buildings or on pylons.  From budget electric light boxes to sophisticated electronic digital led signage with marquee changeable letters and message displays. The exterior illuminated cabinet is strong, durable and can be extruded painted aluminum, wood frame, or a decorative light box. The translucent acrylic face can be flat or molded plastic face and with backlighting. We also carry indoor lighted signs from fluorescent lighted signs, lighted blackboards, chalk marker boards, menu boards, and photo light panels.

Neon Signs

These electric, interior or exterior signs are used in restaurants, bars or any store for use of the open sign or a custom message to promote specials. The Bright, flashing neon can be in many colors and we can create your business logo or promote your sports team. Or buy economic glass, LED tubing signs or plastic rope lighting for borders around your store windows.

Wood Signs

These signs can be painted or have vinyl letters. They are used for Business or house address signs or plaques, residential signs, personalized house markers and decorative wall signs. Previously, they were used for carved signs but for today’s standards currently new wood-like products are made from HDU and will not rot, peel or crack and have little maintenance.

Side Walk Signs

Easy to change & update your message as needed, plastic A-Frame or sandwich signs are a great way to promote your sale or special event.  Choose from a wide variety of styles from easy-grip molded handles to secure, interchangeable sign inserts.  Add full-color vibrant graphics along with your custom logo and colors, for the perfect portable advertisement.

Lawn Signs

Outdoor lawn business signs can be wood, metal or plastic. They can be carved or routed, vinyl letters, digital printing or painted. They can have multiple business listings with panels and be lighted with spotlights or illuminated from interior. Commonly used in front of the store of your business with the address and logo of your company or industry to identify your location.

Real Estate Sign

Choose from a wide variety of signs and frames designed to promote the real estate industry or for that matter any industry!  With our state of the art digital printers, we are able to design vibrant, full color signs that will grab attention and bring in sales for your business.  Our graphic design team can create signs for independent professionals or duplicate those for franchised companies.  They will work with you to create a unified, professional look for all of your signs. 

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